About PLF

PLF Construction Inc. is a Cape Cod custom construction company located in Orleans, MA, that has been in business since 2001 and in the building trade since 1990.

At PLF Construction we strive to set ourselves above other construction companies on Cape Cod: we want to set a higher standard for Cape Cod construction.

Here is why: There are large building/design companies that subcontract the entire job out, usually resulting in an unknown quality of construction, at a higher cost to the owner, and with minimal adherence to a schedule.

At the other end of the spectrum, many individual contractors submit inaccurately estimated quotes, may not carry sufficient insurance, may use substandard materials, and usually end up charging for extras along the way.

We want to treat our clients with the respect and honesty with which we would want to be treated. I personally review every detail of your plans and specifications with the utmost care. We then work with you to come to an agreed upon cost, and integrate those details into a clear contract so that everyone involved knows what to expect throughout the project and upon completion…no surprises! I am also the lead carpenter on all of my projects, so the quality that I expect is there…every time, no exceptions.

I have created a small company that can do the work of larger construction companies on Cape Cod, yet without sacrificing time, money, or quality. As the owner, I prefer to keep my business small and work only with the right customers. This way I can give my clients the attention that they deserve.

Every construction project can be a significant financial and emotional undertaking; you should feel comfortable that you are receiving the best product you can receive within your budget.